April 16, 2024
FalconPoint Partners Launches as New Private Equity Firm to Invest in Business Services and Industrials Companies

‍Firm to Leverage Partnership Orientation and Relationship-Driven Sourcing Strategy to Identify and Elevate Businesses That Serve an Essential Role in Their Markets.

‍NEW YORK, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FalconPoint Partners (“FalconPoint”) today announced its launch as a private equity firm focused on investing in North American middle market “real economy” businesses in the business services and industrials sectors. The firm will leverage its deep expertise, partnership-first approach, and relationship-based sourcing strategy to identify and execute on opportunities to acquire high-quality businesses. FalconPoint will launch with greater than $500 million in assets under management and strong support from institutional investors.

Headquartered in New York, with an initial team of nine investment, operating, and support professionals, FalconPoint invests in companies serving irreplaceable, essential functions within their core markets. The firm will use its extensive network of investor, advisory, and industry relationships to continue building on a robust pipeline of idiosyncratic investment opportunities and deliver market-leading risk-adjusted returns.

FalconPoint is led by Founder and Managing Partner Russ Gehrett, an experienced investor who has spent his career tailoring flexible and scaled capital solutions for companies. Prior to founding FalconPoint Partners, Mr. Gehrett established and led the New York office for Wynnchurch Capital Management. Previously, he helped launch Pamplona Capital Management’s US investment business in 2012. He began his career in the leveraged finance group at Jefferies & Company, before joining the investment team at Wellspring Capital Management.

“Building enduring relationships has always been at the core of my investment approach, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to make this a foundational principle of our firm as we identify and partner with great businesses and management teams,” said Mr. Gehrett. “We’ve assembled a team of exceptional individuals—many of whom I have worked alongside for over a decade—who share our firm’s values of integrity, honesty, and transparency. I am confident our approach of responsible partnership will continue to position FalconPoint to grow and achieve our goal of providing essential businesses the resources they need to achieve greater scale, resilience, and significance in their sectors.”

Andrew Singer, who worked with Mr. Gehrett at both of their prior firms, has also joined FalconPoint as Partner and Chief Investment Officer. Together, the leadership team brings an extensive track record of value creation, driven by a sincere commitment to collaborating with and supporting management teams, a keen understanding of the operational levers that dictate success in the business services and industrials sectors, and a history of developing innovative, creative capital solutions that will allow FalconPoint to execute on complex transactions.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside Russ as we institutionalize the values and priorities behind which we have invested so successfully for more than a decade,” said Mr. Singer. “I look forward to supporting talented management teams as they build the businesses of tomorrow, positioned to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive global economy.”

The firm, as well as its portfolio companies and their management teams, will also have access to a large, best-in-class network of operating partners and executive advisors with sector, digital, commercial, financial, and other expertise. This network comprises a range of experienced public and private company executives—including leaders of Fortune 100 companies, serial entrepreneurs, and financial experts—many of whom sit on multiple boards of directors. FalconPoint has deep and trusted relationships with each member of its Executive Advisory Board, often nurtured over decades of side-by-side collaboration.

“The FalconPoint team’s commitment to leveraging digital and AI solutions to solve traditional business problems has driven step-change growth in a number of companies where we have partnered,” said Alex Hawkinson, Operating Partner at FalconPoint and Founder of SmartThings and BrightAI. “The results we have achieved over the last decade have been integral to the creation and success of BrightAI, and I am excited to continue to identify and support new investments together.”

‍About FalconPoint

‍FalconPoint is a private equity firm which invests in North American middle market “real economy” businesses in the business services and industrials sectors, with a focus on companies serving irreplicable, essential functions within their core markets. The firm leverages a partnership-oriented approach and relationship-based sourcing strategy to identify and execute on idiosyncratic opportunities to acquire businesses that provide mission critical products and services. For more information, please visit www.falconpointpartners.com.



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